Welcome to Behind Your Dream Job. I’m your host, Jodee Debes, a travel + wedding photographer. I’ve been super lucky to find my life’s passion, well one of them at least, do we have to limit ourselves? And I constantly hear from outsiders how cool my job is. It takes me to incredible places like Colombia and Japan, that’s right, free travel and all I have to do is take photos, I’m okay with it. And it allows me to document remarkable moments for incredible people, most recently Reese Witherspoon, y’all! But it comes with it’s annoyances, weekends working, late nights, money stresses, taxes, blah!

Having your dream job has it’s pros and cons and that’s often what I hear from other entrepreneurs and people that I admire. So I wanted to start this podcast to provide y’all with some insight behind your potential dream job. Think of these episodes as informational interviews at your fingertips. I’ll sit down with some super cool people and ask them all the questions you might be wondering. From a professional athlete to a celebrity stylist to a Nat Geo photographer, we’ll go behind the curtain of countless dream jobs.

We’ll learn what it means to have a glamorous job title, how to design your own life, and all the baggage that comes with it. Whether you’re stuck in a job you hate, starting your career search or just interested in what others do, there’s lots of jobs out there and lots of insights to learn here.

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